Shewpir Mardeeioh


Mardeeioh is a Murkekow who can hit POW blocks to murder any Fakerkekow. He has a brotherly sidekick named Loowiygiy, he has a friend named Saunic and Mardeeioh wants to kill Oshawott because Pokemon sucks. Mardeeioh also comes from an elderly game made in 1983 called Mario Bros from the arcade and he also has a rival named Myerdeyoh, he has clones named Maridioh, Mieruihough, Weegeeioh, Brother, Muwrdiyuoh, Muhwrdeeyuh, Mahrdeuoh, Mr Mary, Roge Brer, and  Merebrah. He once put his DNA in the Lunar Magic 3000 with Maridioh and Mieruihough, and it created Mardidiohough. In Super Smash Bros Brawl, characters often break into his basement and fight eachother. He met a fakerkekow named Miaryeo and killed him because Miaryeo was an obnoxious doppelganger. Whenever he transforms into his toon form, he can kill fakerkekows instantly without any POW blocks.